Jonty Crossick, serial fraudster or just a hopeless incompetent?

Jonty Crossick is a man to be avoided by everyone who wishes to keep their pension intact.  This blog is issued in the public interest to alert people to steer well clear of anything this man does.

Mr Crossick is at liberty to sue me if he thinks I am libeling him. However, I have something in excess of 1000 documents to prove my assertion that any contact with him will damage your wealth, and would be happy to produce those documents in any UK court.

I, and about ten thousand other folks, have had the misfortune to be misled by Jonty Crossick. He is either totally incompetent or an out and out crook. The way the money has gone, the latter is the more obvious choice.

To my certain knowledge Mr Crossick has touted for funding for close on a hundred property projects. Out of all those schemes only one has had a partly successful outcome. All the others have led to massive losses for about ten thousand folks.

He set up property deals in the north of England. That entire business was put into bankruptcy with massive losses.

He set up a grand scheme for investing in property in Eastern Europe. That fell apart with investors losing over £100 million. I even lost money on that myself. Crossick’s partner, Craig Cameron, was fined £300,000 for dodgy dealing, and investors’ money was siphoned out of the companies and has gone missing, presumably into Crossick’s pocket. Not a single penny of what I invested actually reached the project I thought I’d invested in.

And now, here he is, jumping up again, offering to help people invest. What will happen is that he will help you transfer your hard earned investment funds into his pocket. I’m sure he has some amazing schemes up his sleeve. Don’t go near them. Don’t go anywhere near him. You will regret it if you do.

I’m surprised he has found a group of partners. They may be honest, but if they are allying themselves to Jonty Crossick either they haven’t done a check on his past, in which case they are incompetent, or they are crooks as well. Either way, are they the kind of people you want to do business with?

Who am I talking about here? First, Jonty Crossick, scam artiste extraordinaire. Second, his company Earthhawk. I know nothing about his partners, but they are prepared to do business with a person with an well documented history of fraud and incompetence. All I can say is that if you ally yourself with a crook, you must expect people to think you are a crook also. David Sherman, Dilip Sahajpal, Eva Eastman, Rob Elings; can any of you guys say with a straight face that you have checked out Mr Crossick’s past history of fraud and business incompetence, and yet you are still prepared to do business with him, and that past history is okay with you? Is so, you must expect any mud thrown your way to stick.

Let’s put some figures to the list of woes investors have had to put up with from Jonty Crossick.

It is estimated that Jonty Crossick and former wife Alise Crossick have defrauded up to 25,000 investors out of sums in excess of €250 MILLION. For example, Jonty and Alise Crossick’s own Ready2Invest website boasted that they had “sold over €400 million of off-plan property to our 25,000-strong network of investors in 16 countries across the world…” and “we also operate a private equity arm, which has raised over €150 million for 18 developments in eight countries, with an aggregate gross development value of nearly €2 billion”.

All these deals went down the drain and left those thousands of investors with massive losses.

You can see a list of the known Crossick schemes where investors have lost significant sums of money at If you invested in any of these, you may wish to make contact with the R2i Action Group via that website.

I have not tracked a single investor who achieved the financial returns promised by Jonty Crossick – and only a handful (in the Bayside Silver Coast development in Portugal) made within 10% of the promised returns.


If you want to read about some of his scams from other sources, try these websites.

Please note, the only reason Jonty Crossick has not been nailed by the FCA is because he has never run a regulated business, he gets others to front the schemes. That means that if anything goes wrong once you sign up you will not be protected in any way. What you lose, you lose.

john clare
(one of the people who have been deceived and defrauded by Mr Crossick)

25 thoughts on “Jonty Crossick, serial fraudster or just a hopeless incompetent?

  1. This man preyed on the innocent and not so well off. He and his wife were (are) plausible crooks who use(d) their teddy bear image to hoodwink people out of their hard earned savings.

  2. looks like we were one of the extremely lucky ones, gave R2I a short term loan early on, and actually got it repaid with interest

    only thing these types respond to is a big stick!!,everything else is evadable

  3. I can’t believe this scumbag has shown his face again. He should be behind bars. How he’s not is beyond me.

  4. Pingback: Jonty Crossick And Alise Crossick (now Alise Howell) | The R2i Action Group

  5. Ive lost around 200k euros to these sociopathic scumbags , basically almost ruined my life , ive got at least some glimmers of hope with some other assets abroad not sourced through these cnuts that I cant sell right now but im 46 years old , left school at 15 and did very well until I ran into the crossicks , im from Brighton and had to sell my home there a few years ago that id owned from 1991 as id concentrated most of my debt on it , so now nothing to leave to my 24 yr old son , im still hanging in there but if it does go wrong for me theres not much hope for a man of my age with no formal qualifications. I trusted jonty on his khrisna patter , im not religious but have practised Yoga on and off for some years and always have room for those whom I perceive to be motivated by moral values. Jonty and his abnormally large chinned ex tape worm of a wife never once expressed any regret or empathy towards the utter misery their involvement inflicted on their victims weather there was intent to defraud or not , this is the kicker , if they were genuinely incompetent they would express regret , the absence of this shows their self preservation instincts to not admit any liability under any circumstances if they ended up in litigation. To add insult to injury ive found this one report that jonty now described as a “leading hare khrisna” has made a last minute settlement in their high court case brought my an individual who lent them a million quid for the argentina project , fair play this person , respect to his tenacity , I know that case has been going on a few years …… this utter lowlife freak finally coughs up and has the money to do so !! when hes looking at some “time”…….if anyone has a sunday times account please could you copy paste the full story on here as im not paying any more money in these cnuts direction! ……I wonder how much of “our” money jonty has given to the khrisnas…..Jesus Christ , the mind frikkin boggles !!!

  6. I’m sorry to say, but if these 1000 documents on this person’s fraudulent business. Why not go to court with it??? Sounds weird if you’re not doing so.

    • Ana, you are presumably not knowledgeable about court procedures and costs. The average investor needs the best part of £100,000 to set up and pursue such a case in court. Big companies do it, small individuals dont. There is a second problem. You need to get a stranglehold on assets. There is no point in proving someone is a crook unless you can benefit by doing so. It’s the money that counts.
      Read the link to The Sunday Times article. If you have the clout you get results. He’s a crook.
      Now turn the matter round the other way. I, and many other people, have said quite categorically that Jonty Crossick is a fraudster. Have you never thought to ask why he doesn’t sue me for libel? He knows who I am and he knows where I am. Think about it.

  7. This man Jonty Crossick is a sick sociopathic who has caused utter misery to hundreds of people as(hundreds of?) millions of pounds of their money he has handled has gone missing , the fact that the krishnas can elevate this filth within their organisation shows up the khrisnas for the grubby little cult that it is , this man knows nothing whatsoever of consciousness or empathy , pure and utter scum

  8. I got hooked into Obzor and then switched into Mendoza and have an
    outstanding legal claim against Jonty in Argentina and thought it worth
    connecting. If anyone can let me know if i am able to gain access to the R2i action group website and if there is any way i can assist that would be great.

  9. I gave list 80k on two Moroccan deals which means I will need to work longer before retirement. The Crossicks need to spend time in jail as far as I’m concerned. The amount of misery they have inflicted on people is truly staggering. I would like to meet them if anyone can help me in that matter please let me know

  10. The net is tightening, the Crossicks are still walking around, and still looking over there shoulders, they will never truly enjoy the money they stole from me and hundreds of others. And as the world wakes up to this kind white collar crime and the net tightens then the Crossicks should start to sweat…. Yes even more than they currently do because no one will ever forget or forgive the utterly despicable actions that these two scum bags have performed on ordinary hard working tax paying citizens, who in there hour of need were ignored by the authorities, and these creeps have been allowed to walk freely…
    Until now?

    • Jonty Crossick is indeed a crook and fraudster. He has set up another company with frontman Suresh Vagjiani called Sow and Reap. Address is 27 Gloucester Place, Marylebone London W1 U8HU. Tel no 0207 993 0103.
      He is trying to sell a property in Ealing Road Wembley for many millions. I am a private detective representing some other investors. There is a lot more info available about other assets. You can email.

  11. Jonty Crossicks partners are Hitendra and Kirti Patel. They have a pharmaceutical business in South London called Smartways 10 Lyon Rd. SW19. Tel 0208 545 7711.
    They are also his partners in the property he is selling.

  12. If any of the people are interested in pursuing Jonty Crossick and his assets please contact me on
    I know of several assets worth many millions. I will be happy to instigate proceedings against him. This man should be stopped and punished otherwise their will be many more victims in the future. In the process I believe a large amount of money can be recovered. Victor

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